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vegan sliders at Submarine
Are you planning a trip to Croatia? Wondering where to find vegan restaurants in Zagreb? Look no further, this guide
Vegan chocolate loukoumades from Lukumades
Eating vegan in Athens, Greece is not only possible but it's delicious. This guide has everything you need to know
Boulevard in Saranda, Albania
The Albanian Riviera is a beautiful coastline that stretches along the Ionian Sea. Its gorgeous beaches and seaside towns are
Porto Palermo in Himare Albania
Himare is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled places in the Albanian Riviera. It's known for its beautiful beaches
Dhermi Beach in Dhermi Albania
Dhermi is one of my favorite cities in Albania. While popular among locals, it isn't a city that too many
cliffside of santorini greece
Santorini needs little introduction. It is the supermodel of the Greek islands. Whitewashed building and blue colored domes on the
Tirana, Albania
Before living in Albania for five months, I always said that the south of the United States (where I am
Corfu Sailing Excursion
Corfu is located on the far northwest corner of Greece, just off the coast of the land border with Albania.
Zvernec Island
Vlore is a harbor city and the former capital of Albania. It holds a special meaning for most Albanians since
Gjirokaster Castle
Gjirokaster is a town located in southern Albania, only about an hour away from Saranda. Gjirokaster is one of the