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About Me

Hello! I’m Haley, and I am originally from Nashville, Tennessee. I became a vegetarian back in 2009 when I was 13 years old. I started transitioning to a more predominately vegan diet near the end of my high school career. My sophomore year of college, I decided to go 100% vegan. I ended up spending a semester studying abroad in Italy only a couple of months after going fully vegan. This was my first trip as a vegan, and my first trip traveling by myself. I was bitten by the travel bug while in Italy. I began dreaming up a life traveling and living outside of the United States.

The summer before my senior year at university, I spent a month volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in South Africa. This was easily the best month of my entire life, and I became obsessed with the idea of living outside of the United States.

One week after graduating from university, I packed up my two biggest suitcases and moved to Thailand! I spent my first month in Thailand getting my TEFL certification, and then immediately got a job teaching kindergarten at a school in Chiang Mai.

In October 2018, I spent one month solo traveling around Vietnam. It was an amazing experience, and it is what inspired me to start this blog.

Veganism and traveling are my two biggest passions in life. I don’t think that veganism is an excuse not to travel, and I don’t believe that being a frequent traveler is an excuse not to be vegan. I hope that this blog will inspire vegans that it is possible to travel AND be vegan. While this blog is predominately aimed at eating vegan while traveling, I will also be sharing many tips for traveling and living abroad.

NOTE: I actually started this blog during my sophomore year of college (before I began traveling). This blog had an entirely different name and was focused on vegan recipes and health. I took down all of my old posts when I initially started The Vegan Abroad, but I decided to put a lot of them back up. This is because I still do have a passion for those things. I also thought some of those posts might be useful for you. I may be adding some more mosts to those pages from time to time, but the main focus of this blog will be traveling, veganism, and living abroad.