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Vegan Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain some affiliate links, which means when you click, I get a small percentage of the purchase at no extra cost to you. This allows me to keep this website running, so feel free to click away! You can read my entire Affiliate Disclosure here.

Food & Drinks

Minute Mimosa Sugar Cube Trio

Drop one of these cubes into a glass of bubbly and watch it turn into a mimosa or bellini cocktail.

Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit

Dip into different flavors with this set of spices. This set includes the following spices: minced garlic, basil, marjoram, air-dried tomatoes, savory, rosemary, sea salt, za’atar (thyme, sea salt, sumac), garlic powder, thyme, oregano, chili pepper flakes, herbs de provence (oregano, basil, parsley and marjoram), smoked paprika, and sesame seeds.

Benevolent Brownies – Vegan Box

Sink your teeth into these sinfully rich vegan brownies and let the flavors—cinnamon sugar, dark fudge—roll around on your tongue.

Vegan Cheesemaking Kit

Make your own vegan cheeses with this kit that includes everything to create seven different varieties.

Veggie Lover’s Cooking Kit

Six naturally mouthwatering flavor blends quickly make vegetables even more delicious. Recipes included.

Gourmet Chocolate Sticks Trio

Dominican Republic native Priscilla Terrero makes her vegan chocolates with cacao from her home country.

Vegan Snack Box

This curated vegan gift box features incredible products that even omnivores will love, such as sweet vegan chocolate sauce, mouth-watering plant-based fruit jerky, crunchy Maple granola, salty-savory popcorn and more.

Melt – Vegan Cheese Making Online Course

Melt is an online course designed to teach you all the ins and outs of vegan cheesemaking, all in video format, and in the simplest most approachable way.


TKEES Vegan Thong Sandals

This minimalist pair suits both a day on the sand and an evening spent strolling the city streets. Available in the colors black, grey, and neutral.

Hurtig Lane’s Mykonos Vegan Leather Watch

The Mykonos vegan watch range was designed for the fashion conscious minimalist. Elegant and sophisticated yet highly fashionable it can be worn in any setting, with any outfit. Its versatility and style make it the perfect watch for any occasion.

Farm Charms Keychain

Dress up any bag you own with this fabulous Farm Charm! This 24 Karat Gold plated accessory and keychain is perfect to make your style statement. Adorned with 6 charms: Goose, Pig, Horse, Rooster, Vegan, Bunny Heart. 

Black Vegan Leather Bag

Many popular children’s books are based on the famous New England Cotton Tail rabbit that is now near extinction. This bag is dedicated to these wonderful rabbits that have been a part of so many children’s bedtime stories.

Goodnight Night Dress

A cozy bedtime staple you’ll wear night after night, this nightdress ticks all the right boxes when it comes to drifting off to sleep in luxury. Women’s nighties are at their best when lightweight, comfy and breathable. Made from viscose derived from bamboo blend, this nightdress ticks all the above boxes.

Angela Roi Cher Tote

Cher Tote is an extremely attractive match to be by your side from a typical workday to a sumptuous shopping spree.

Personalized Family Recipe Board

Etch your special recipe into this beautiful maple or cherry wood board.

Phenomenal Woman Glasses

This pair of stemless wine glasses features the complete text of Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman,” with the verses and the gold-lettered title flowing continuously from one piece to the next.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Carafe

Simplify your steeping and take fresh cold brew to-go with this maker and carafe in one design.

Macaron Soap Set

Life’s a little sweeter when you indulge every now and then. Perhaps with a macaron? Except these sweets aren’t for eating—they’re luxurious soaps shaped like the famed French cookies. Each one is vegan, cruelty-free, and handmade with an ultra-nourishing blend of coconut and safflower oils, and works into a rich, creamy lather. The set includes four delicious scents: lavender, lemon meringue, raspberry vanilla, and lily of the valley. 

Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Turban

Never let your hair touch a harsh bath towel again. This hair turban is the first-ever designed specifically with your hair in mind made with moisture-wicking fabric, it gently dries hair in half the time. So all you’re left with is hair that’s frizz-free, vibrant, and full of shine.