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Vegan in Byron Bay

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Australia is an incredibly vegan-friendly country. It might even be the most vegan-friendly country that I have been to up to this point. Literally, every single coffee shop that I went to while in Australia had some sort of non-dairy milk available. I even went to one coffee shop in the absolute middle of nowhere, and they had non-dairy milk. Let’s just say I am a huge fan of Australia! And what might be the absolute Mecca for vegan eating in Australia is Byron Bay. Byron Bay is kind of like this hippie surf town that I fell completely in love with. Eating vegan is incredibly easy, but I figured I would share two of my favorites.


I am the biggest sucker for cute cafes. Ultimately, I care about good food. But if a restaurant/cafe is aesthetically pleasing, then I will become a raging fan. This is precisely why I fell in love with Combi. The food is delicious, and the actual restaurant is incredibly adorable. This is not an entirely vegan restaurant, but they have A TON of vegan options.

Vegan in Byron Bay | The Vegan Abroad

I had this incredible Acai smoothie bowl topped with peanut butter, bananas, and strawberries along with an iced latte.

Vegan in Byron Bay | The Vegan Abroad

I returned to Combi for a second time because I loved it so much the first time. The second time around I got a vegan sandwich that had vegan cheese and vegetables along with another iced coffee.

You can see Combi’s menu here. I don’t think that this is their entire menu because I couldn’t find either the smoothie bowl or the sandwich on this menu.

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    No Bones

    I absolutely loved this restaurant! Unfortunately, I only had the opportunity to go there once because it is only open for dinner. It is an entirely vegan restaurant that serves tapas and mains.

    Vegan in Byron Bay | The Vegan Abroad

    I have always absolutely hated seafood. I have even tried fake seafood since becoming a vegan, and I am still not a fan. No Bones has these Beer Battered Prawn Tacos, and they are one of their bestsellers. I decided to try them out even though I haven’t had the best experience with seafood. I might have to change my mind from now on because these tacos blew my mind! They are exquisite, incredible, and delicious. I literally can’t get over how good these tacos were.

    Note: Prawns are shrimp for my American readers.

    Vegan in Byron Bay | The Vegan Abroad

    Along with the prawn tacos, I got a side of these Brussels sprouts baked with vegan cheese. These were also incredibly delicious, and I would 1000% order them again.

    Basically, if you go to Byron Bay, go to No Bones. You will absolutely not regret it.

    What is your favorite place to eat vegan in Byron Bay?

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