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Vegan Cooking Class in Florence, Italy

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I love taking cooking classes while traveling. They are an excellent way to learn about a new country through food. Yum! I spent three months in Italy at the beginning of 2020. I spent the first month in Rome, where I took a vegan pasta making class, and I spent the second month in Florence. While I really enjoyed the vegan pasta making class in Rome, I wanted to learn how to make more than just pasta. In particular, I was dying to learn how to make vegan tiramisu!

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About the Vegan Cooking Class in Florence, Italy

Making vegan gnocchi

The vegan cooking classes that I have taken up to this point (ex: Thailand, Bali, and Rome) weren’t technically vegan. They were just regular cooking classes where the recipes could be changed for vegans. I was beyond excited to discover that there was a cooking class in Florence that was fully vegan! It was a bit different from the other vegan cooking classes that I have taken though because it took place in an Italian woman’s home. She picked me up in the center of Florence and drove me to her house (which is also a bed and breakfast) located just outside of the center of the city.

My favorite part about this cooking class was that I was able to pick all of the dishes that I wanted to make. There were four courses, and the owner had several options for each course that I was able to choose from. The owner told me that almost everyone wants to learn how to make traditional vegan pasta, but she suggested I try some of the other dishes since I had already learned how to make vegan pasta in Rome.

I took this cooking class when COVID-19 started picking up speed in Italy, and tourism slowed down drastically. Because of this, I was the only one who booked the vegan cooking class for that day. I thought that this might be a bit weird or awkward at first, but it wasn’t in the slightest! Because I was the only person in the class, I was able to choose which dishes I wanted to make by myself. If there are more people in the class, you will all pick together.

We made all four courses and then ate all the dishes at the end of the class (with wine!).

Remember, the following dishes are what I made. I am sharing these dishes with you to give you an idea of what to make. If something doesn’t look appealing to you, there are several other options that you can choose from.

Vegan Flat Rolls with Zucchini, Fresh Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Smoked Paprika “Pimenton de la Vera”

Vegan Flat Rolls with Vegetables at a vegan cooking class in Italy

For the first course, I made these vegan flat rolls with vegetables. These were made by mixing various types of flours (it can be made gluten-free). Then we spread the vegetable filling over the puff pastry, cut into rectangle bites, sprinkled with poppy seeds, and cooked it.

These vegan flat rolls with vegetables were delicious, and I am looking forward to making these again by myself.

Potato Gnocchi with Vegan White Cheese Sauce

Vegan Potato Gnocchi with Vegan White Cheese Sauce at a vegan cooking class in Italy

Vegan gnocchi is nearly impossible to find since it is made with egg, and I was never able to find it in a vegan restaurant. When I saw that vegan gnocchi was an option for the second course, I knew that I wanted to make it.

Gnocchi is so much easier to make than I thought it would be. The most time consuming part was cutting the gnocchi, but I actually thought that it was very fun. Gnocchi cooks very quickly.

The sauce that we put on this gnocchi was a vegan white cheese sauce (made with pears!). I know that probably doesn’t sound very appetizing, but I was surprised by how good it tasted.

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    Vegan Omelet with Vegetables

    Vegan Omelette with Vegetables from a vegan cooking class in Florence, Italy

    This vegan omelet was the dish that I was the most interested to try. I’ve had vegan tofu scramble before, and the vegan egg from Just, but I have never had a vegan omelet before.

    This vegan omelet was probably my favorite dish from the entire class. It is made with two different types of flour, soy cream, and vegetables.

    Vegan Tiramisu

    Vegan Tiramisu from a vegan cooking class in Florence, Italy

    Tiramisu is my favorite dessert ever. I went to Italy the first time with my family when I was in middle school. I wasn’t a vegan at the time, and we ate tiramisu almost every day of our two week vacation.

    This trip to Italy, I was able to eat vegan tiramisu a few times at restaurants in Rome and Florence. I was dying to learn how to make it myself though.

    The vegan tiramisu was the most fun to make. First, we made the ladyfinger cookies. Then we made the vegan custard. Finally, I dipped the ladyfinger cookies into coffee, put them in single-serve cups while layering with the vegan custard. We then let them sit in the refrigerator for a bit before eating. Boy oh boy were they good!

    Making vegan tiramisu at the vegan cooking class in Florence, Italy

    Final Thoughts on the Vegan Cooking Class in Florence, Italy

    Me with a vegan omelette | Vegan cooking class in Florence, Italy

    Overall, I loved this vegan cooking class in Florence. I actually enjoyed it more than the vegan pasta making class in Rome because we were able to make so many different types of dishes. The instructor was very attentive and let me do most of the work. She also sent me an email after the class with all of the recipes, so I can try to make them on my own. I highly recommend taking this vegan cooking class in Florence when you come to Italy.

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