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Ultimate Guide to the Best Natural Vegan Beauty Products of 2019

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Switching to natural and vegan beauty products can be challenging if you are used to using conventional beauty products on the market today. They can be expensive, perform differently, and not work as well.

I have been through the good, bad, and ugly of natural vegan beauty products over the past several years. These are some of the products that I have found to be the best and most effective.


Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste

Uncle Harry's Toothpaste | the best of natural vegan beauty

Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste is the best toothpaste that I have ever used. Do you know how smooth and your teeth feel after going to the dentist? That is precisely how they feel every time that I use this toothpaste. Not to mention, my dentist raves about my teeth every time that I have come in since I started using this toothpaste.

I will give you a little word of warning if you do decide to purchase Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste: it is very messy! This toothpaste does not foam up like your average toothpaste. It becomes very watery, so it does splatter a bit when you spit it into the sink.

It also can take a while to get used to the taste. I have always purchased the peppermint flavor, but I have heard that spearmint is milder. Either way, the benefits of this toothpaste outweigh the cons.

Activated Charcoal Powder

Activated Black Charcoal - whiten teeth naturally

Activated Charcoal toothpaste started to become popular a few years ago for its ability to quickly whiten teeth. I remember reading on a blog post that you can use regular activated charcoal powder and put it on top of your toothpaste when you brush your teeth. It must cheaper if you do it this way.

I purchased Viva Dorian Activated Charcoal Powder, and I immediately noticed a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. Originally, I bought the 1.2 oz jar, and it lasted me around six months. I then purchased the 4 oz container, and I am still working through it over a year and a half later.

Activated charcoal is a fine, black, odorless, and tasteless powder. I drink a lot of coffee, but you wouldn’t know it because of activated charcoal. I will also give a warning with this product: be careful not to spill it! It can be very messy and difficult to clean up if you get it on your clothes or carpet.



I have dealt with acne most of my entire life. I have tried everything from Proactive, prescription medication, every drugstore acne product on the market, and, finally, natural solutions to my problems. While my experience with natural products has been the most trying, it has also been the most rewarding. These are the products that have worked the best for me, and I hope that you will find some benefit from them as well.

Humane Face and Body Wash

Humane Acne Wash - get rid of acne naturally

Humane Face and Body Wash is a maximum-strength acne treatment. It contains 10% benzoyl peroxide, so it is very potent. Because it is so potent, you will only want to put it on for a minute when you first purchase it, and then you can increase the time to 2 or 3 minutes.

I use it on my back and face when I am in the shower. I get in the shower and wash my hair. Then, pull my hair up in a clip, and put the Humane wash on my face and back. After, I will shave for a few minutes, and, finally, wash off the Humane wash.

My face is red after using this, but it goes away within 10-20 minutes. You will want to use a moisturizer with this because it is very drying.

I also want to give a warning about this product. Your skin may get worse before it gets better. That is what happened to me. It took around a month before I noticed an improvement while using this product.

African Black Soap

African Black Soap - get rid of acne naturally

African Black Soap originated in, you guessed it, Africa. It can help with many different skin conditions, but it is most famous for its ability to prevent acne.

African Black Soap looks and feels different from your average bar of soap. It is made from the ash of locally harvested African plants. Make sure that you read the directions when using African Black Soap because it can be harsh for sensitive skin. While it didn’t completely get rid of my acne, I did notice fewer breakouts after using African Black Soap.

Estro Block

Estro Block - get rid of hormonal acne

I had horrible cystic acne a few years ago. There were a few things that I tried that improved my cystic acne, but nothing helped me quite as much as Estro Block.

Although I never went to the doctor for it, I was pretty sure that I had a hormonal imbalance. Estro Block was the only thing that I was able to find that went to the root cause of the problem to help my acne.

I started taking Estro Block and immediately noticed an improvement in my skin. While I was still getting tiny breakouts, my cystic acne completely disappeared.

The directions on the bottle say to take two capsules every day. I did this for over a year. I then tried to lower it down to only one pill a day. My skin did not get any worse when I decreased my intake to one a day. I then was only on one pill a day for over a year.

I purchased several bottles to keep me going for a full year while I lived in Thailand. When I ran out, I decided to see if I could completely go off of Estro Block without getting cystic acne again. After about two months, I was starting to get a few cystic acne breakouts every month, especially right before my menstrual cycle each month. I then decided to go back to Estro Block. One pill a day did not work this time, and I have to take two pills a day to keep my cystic acne away.

I’m not sure why this is the case. Maybe my hormones balanced themselves out enough when I was taking two pills every day for over a year. I am hoping that over time I will be able to go back to one pill a day to cut down on the cost again.

Castor Oil

Castor oil- get rid of acne naturally

Castor oil has become popular in the beauty world because of its ability to help your hair and eyelashes grow. It has another incredible benefit: it can help with acne!

I have used the Humane wash, Estro Block, and African Black Soap to help with the acne on my face. Although these three items did help with the acne that I have on my back, nothing has worked better than castor oil.

I put it on my back before going to sleep and then wash it off in the shower in the morning. It is a thick oil, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing it during the day. It has also helped to lighten some of the acne scars that I have on my back.


I am only 23 years old, so I don’t have to worry about aging yet. I am a big believer in the quote by Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” While you can’t prevent aging, I would much rather be doing my best to slow down the process of aging than trying to “cure” my skin when I am older.


Frownies | natural anti-aging solutions

Frownies are probably one of the cheapest and most effective products on the market for preventing wrinkles. They address the physical cause of facial wrinkles. You wear the patches while you are sleeping. The muscles of the face cannot move under the patch. You just lightly wet the patch with water or rose water hyrdrator and place it onto your face.

Frownies have different facial patches for different parts of your face. They have patches for your forehead and between the eyes, corners of eyes and mouth, under-eye gels, and lip line patches.

I only currently have a small wrinkle forming in the middle of my forehead, so I only use the patches for the forehead and between the eyes. Frownies is such a game-changer, and I will be using them for the rest of my life!

Fitglow Serums

Fitglow Beauty Vita Active Serum | The Best Vegan Skincare

Before I tell you anything about Fitglow Serums, I have to warn you that this is not a cheap solution to achieving fantastic skin. Fitglow products are expensive. If you have the disposable income to purchase Fitglow products then I highly recommend them.

I had horrible acne a few years ago that left indent scars on my face. After coming across Fitglow products, someone recommended that I try the Fitglow Vita Active Serum, Fitlgow Vita Rich Creme, and Fitglow Vita Youth Oil. I use the vita active serum and vita rich creme in the morning, and the vita active serum and vita youth oil at night.

Not only did these products eliminate the acne scarring on my face, but they also got rid of any small wrinkles lines that I had on my face. My skin has never looked better than when I was using all three of these products. I completely stopped using Frownies when I was using these three products because they worked so well.

It is a bit difficult to continue to purchase these products because they are so expensive. I have stopped using them at various times because of the cost, and the indents and wrinkle lines on my face returned. I also tried only purchasing the Fitglow Vita Active Serum since I was using that twice a day because I wanted to see if that would do the job all on its own, but it didn’t. The results are best when you use all three products together.


Lily Lolo Mascara

Lily Lolo Mascara | The best of natural vegan beauty

I have found it challenging to find a natural vegan mascara that lengthens while also thickening lashes. Then I found Lily Lolo Mascara. I have tried the Lily Lolo Natural Vegan Mascara and the Lily Lolo Big Lash Mascara. Both work amazingly well, but I do prefer the big lash because it gives lashes an extra “oomph.”

RMS Beauty Lipstick

RMS Beauty lipstick and lip liner | the best of natural vegan beauty

RMS Beauty Wild With Desire Lipstick is the best lipstick that I have ever used (period). It can last all day long, even throughout meals, without having to reapply. My favorite color is “Temptation.”

The RMS lip liner also goes well with the lipstick.

Plume Brows

Plume Science eyebrows | the best of natural vegan beauty

I have had thick eyebrows my entire life. I started waxing my eyebrows for around five years, starting in middle school. My eyebrows haven’t grown back correctly since then.

I use Plume Brow Pomade to fill in the parts of my eyebrows that didn’t grow back. It goes on smoothly and stays put all day.


Agent Nateur

It was challenging to find a natural deodorant that worked when I moved to Thailand. All of the natural deodorants that I had previously used did nothing in the Thailand heat. Luckily, I found Agent Nateur deodorant. It is the only deodorant that eliminated any smell from my armpits while I lived in Thailand.

I also have sensitive underarms. A lot of natural deodorants that I have tried irritate my underarms, especially right I after I shave my armpits. Agent Nateur deodorant is the only deodorant that I have used that does not do that. Although it is a bit pricey for deodorant, it is worth the price to me.

Schmidt’s Naturals

Schmidt's deodorant | The best natural deodorants

Schmidt’s Naturals deodorant is a good, cheaper option if you don’t live in a tropical climate. I have been using it since I moved back to the United States because it is less expensive than Agent Nateur, but it did not work as well in Thailand.


Hair Loss and Regrowth

I have had a lot of very thick hair since the day I was born. My hair would also grow very fast and thick.

I began to notice some hair loss and thinning of my hair a few years back. I have discovered two products that have helped with my hair loss and regrowth.

DHT Blocker

DHT Blocker - stop hair from falling out

I started using a DHT blocker when I began to lose huge clumps of hair every time I washed my hair and brushed my hair.

DHT is typically found in larger quantities in males, which is a reason why baldness is considered a male condition. DHT in women can lead to female baldness, but it does not lead to the same extreme hair loss experienced in men.

A DHT blocker helps to block DHT. While it hasn’t helped my hair grow back, a DHT blocker significantly reduced the amount of hair that I lose when washing and brushing my hair. I have been using a DHT blocker for over two years now. There have been a few times when I have stopped taking it due to traveling, and I immediately noticed more hair loss.

Organic Olivia’s Mane Magic

Mane Magic | grow hair back

I found Organic Olivia’s blog while I was in college, and I have been a huge fan ever since. She believes that natural remedies can help prevent disease and increase the quality of life. She has created a whole line of products to help with various health issues. Back in 2018, she came out with a product called Mane Magic. I purchased this product a few months ago, and I have already noticed a drastic difference in my hair. My hair is growing back in places that it was starting to thin, and it has grown back thicker than it has been in years.

I have also suffered from dandruff since high school. In the past few years, my scalp would get itchy and painful after even one day of not washing my hair. Mane Magic has almost entirely gotten rid of my dandruff, and my scalp no longer itches after days of not washing my hair.

Dry Shampoo

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo - natural dry shampoo

It was so difficult for me to find a natural dry shampoo that worked until I discovered Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo. It doesn’t have an aerosol can (Yay for the environment!), it is easy to apply, doesn’t leave a residue, and smells great. What more could you want?

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