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Is Mother Dirt Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

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Mother Dirt Products

Is Mother Dirt Cruelty-Free?

Mother Dirt has confirmed that they are 100% cruelty-free.

They don’t test their ingredients or final products on animals, and they don’t sell their products where animal testing is required by law.

Mother Dirt is certified cruelty-free by PETA.

Is Mother Dirt Vegan?

Mother Dirt has confirmed they only sell vegan products.

Shop the full list of 100% cruelty-free and vegan companies here.


Is Mother Dirt Owned By A Parent Company That Tests On Animals?

Yes, Mother Dirt is owned by AOBiome, which is not a cruelty-free brand.

Is Mother Dirt Sold in Mainland China?

No, Mother Dirt is not sold in mainland China.

Animal Testing is required by law in China for all foreign cosmetics companies. All American and European cosmetic brands that are sold in China must undergo animal testing.

Any brand that chooses to sell its products in China cannot be considered cruelty-free.

Even products that can bypass mandatory tests may still be pulled from the shelves by Chinese authorities to be tested on animals.

About Mother Dirt

Mother Dirt creates biome-friendly skincare products that aim to restore and maintain good bacteria on the skin. A chemical and biological engineer by training, Aganovic’s mission for Mother Dirt is to create a world where clean comes with healthy. She believes that healthy bacteria is your complexion’s best friend and that probiotics help your microbiomes stay balanced, and work with your sweat to keep ph levels in check, reduce sensitivities, and control face oils. 

Email to the Company

Before classifying any brand as cruelty-free and vegan, I send them an email with the following questions:

  1. Are your products vegan? If only some are vegan, which ones?
  2. Are any of your products or ingredients tested on animals?
  3. Do you have a Leaping Bunny or PETA certification?
  4. Do your suppliers or any third parties test animals on your behalf?
  5. Does your company sell products in mainland China (except Hong Kong)?
  6. Are you owned by a parent company that tests on animals?

Here is how Mother Dirt responded:

Mother Dirt products are never tested on animals and do not contain animal-derived ingredients. All safety data we use is from non-animal-based studies. 

You can find answers to most of your questions on our website (

Please know that we are not currently shipping products to China.

Additionally, because we believe in being fully honest and transparent, we want to make you aware that Mother Dirt has a science partnership with AOBiome, LLC, a biopharmaceutical company engaged in high-level bio-therapeutic research and testing.

The FDA requires animal testing as part of their process to ensure that pharmaceuticals are both safe and effective. There is currently legally no way around this process. These are not Mother Dirt products. AOBiome products are different in the formulation and are produced in a separate facility. Mother Dirt does not exert influence over work conducted by AOBiome, and vice versa. 

AOBiome is committed to working with the FDA to find alternatives to animal testing whenever possible and to minimize animal testing when no alternative is available and is a contributing member of the ASCCT, a scientific society dedicated to the promotion of toxicology testing and research that reduces and replaces the use of animals.

We are extremely sensitive to issues surrounding animal testing and have always followed the belief that being as transparent as possible is the best policy.

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