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Eat Your Coffee Review

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Why drink your coffee when you can eat your coffee?

I have been a coffee lover for as long as I can remember. Before becoming a vegan, coffee-flavored ice cream was my favorite. I will still always choose coffee-flavored ice cream if I can find a vegan version.

I started drinking coffee during my freshman year of college, not because I needed the caffeine, but because I loved the taste. College seemed like the perfect excuse to start. Coffee is now something that I drink a couple of times a day. Especially since I am currently living in the United States until I am freely able to travel again. During this time, I am teaching English online to kids in China (AKA very early mornings!)

I recently heard about a company called Eat Your Coffee when I was researching gifts for my Father’s Day gift guide. I was a bit skeptical if they would give me as much energy as a regular cup of coffee.

Eat Your Coffee Review

When I received my Eat Your Coffee bars in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised by how much energy they gave me. They seriously do give you as much energy as a regular cup of coffee. This should be expected, considering that each bar contains a cup of coffee.

All of the bars tasted delicious too. They reminded me a bit of Lara bars because they are made out of dates, except they also have the added energy bonus of the caffeine. If you don’t like the taste of coffee, but you want the energy that a cup of coffee provides, you will love these Eat Your Coffee bars because the coffee flavor isn’t that strong. These bars are also an excellent option if you are on the go, and you don’t have time to make and drink a cup of coffee.

At the time of writing this post, all of the bars are vegan. You can purchase Eat Your Coffee bars from their website and Amazon.

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